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Intelligent Upgrade
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Based on the original production line, we can optimize the structure of the production line, increase production capacity at low cost, and optimize production with intelligent capacity upgrade.

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Basing on original production line, capacity upgrade can increase production capacity in lower cost by optimizing production line,gambling-apps-in-india

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Intelligent Control Panel

After intelligent upgrade, original production line can realize PLC control on pressing, pressure maintaining and feeding. In addition, automatic unloading of filter cakes can also be realized.

Automatic Cloth Washing System

Automatic cloth washing system is mainly used for cleaning filter cloth after each work period. After long-term use or dealing with some special materials, the filtration performance of filter cloth may be not good. Therefore, you need to adopt automatic cloth washing system to wash and smooth filter cloth to recovery filtration efficiency and prolong service life.

Automatic Plate Shifter

Automatic plate shifter can automatically pull filter plates to unload filter cakes, which can improve working efficiency and save workforce. You can control it by PLC control panel.

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