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Deep processing for metallic materials
according to your required size and shape
Experienced metal processing service
Rigorous processing technology is the greatest guarantee of quality
Based on the advantages of steel raw material production and inventory, roulette board game has set up its own processing center, steel processing, to meet customers' diverse requirements for steel size and shape. The steel processing center has plate rolling machines, shears, flame cutting machines, plasma CNC cutting machines, gas shielded welding machines, drilling machines, planers, saws and other steel processing equipment, mainly involving cutting, welding, stamping, grinding, drilling, folding Bending, rolling and other processing methods.
Rigorous processing technology is the greatest guarantee of quality
First-class after-sales service to solve all your problems
Steel processing earlier obtained the steel structure qualification certificate and pressure vessel production license. Professional technical personnel provide customers with drawing design, processing and installation solutions. We provide high-quality steel processing products and first-class after-sales service to customers worldwide, and have won widespread recognition.
First-class after-sales service to solve all your problems
Main metal processing technology
Using unique drilling equipment, the maximum degree of error reduction
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The introduction of international production equipment makes the machining process more flexible
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We can tailor these machined steels to your drawings or requirements.
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Strictly control the level of raw planing, so that the accuracy can reach IT 10-IT8
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roulette board game specializes in the production of rolled plates, which can meet different needs
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roulette board game has various advanced Grinding equipment to ensure product quality
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roulette board game's stamping technology can accurately compress plates to obtain different product shapes.
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Adopt advanced welding machine technology to minimize the oxidation of welds.
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With professional turning techniques, you can perfectly cut away unwanted materials to create rotating parts.
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