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10th anniversary celebration for roulette board game steel employees
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Today, the stars of the party are Mr. Kevin, Mr. Zhao and so on colleagues who have joined roulette board game steel for 10 years. After ten years of ups and downs, they have witnessed the company's growth. From a small-scale ordinary company to a large group company with multiple branches. This is inseparable from the conscientious work of all employees and the foresight and correct navigation of the leadership. Of course, it is even more inseparable from the support and trust of customers over the years. roulette board game steel is now participating in the construction of many government projects overseas, providing steel materials and technical support for customers all over the world.

roulette board game steelroulette board game steel

Mr. Kevin, Mr. Zhao and so on senior employees have become the mainstay of the company. Now we prepared videos for them, recording their "footprints" in the company along the way. Looking back on the past, it is vivid in the eyes, and it is emotional and tears filled the eyes. At the same time, the company also carefully prepared gifts such as photo albums. It is a real surprise.

roulette board game steelroulette board game steelroulette board game steel

The company will never forget your contribution. Gratitude is part of the company culture. Wish all employees happy working in the company, wish the company better development, create a broader platform for us all, provide customers with better quality and cheaper steel products and better services.

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